Want to know something! Just Ask Jelly!

When it comes to search engines there really is only one, Google! This is because the others are just following the same format and so they are always playing catch up. In an industry that is dominated by a single organisation you are really going to have to try something else in order to grab a piece of the search action.

Ask Jelly is a bit like going into a room and asking your question, when Ask Jelly responds you are getting an answer and not a search result that could have been put in front of you simply because the company has paid the search engine for better positions one the results page.

So, we are not saying that Ask Jelly is perfect and that the results are better, but what you should be getting is an honest answer to your question and that has to be good. It is still early days for Ask Jelly, it may not take search from the likes of Google, but it does offer an alternative and when you are searching for something you are going to want alternatives, not the same answers all of the time.