Meetwo the dating app based on chemistry

You may heard that most of the best relationships are based on good chemistry, but how on earth would you know if you and the person you are dating have this “Good Chemistry” well, you might want to put it down to chance, or you could do it the modern way with an app!

Meetwo started with a simple observation: today, all dating apps are based on calculation, algorithm and robot analysis to determine if two people are compatible. So it might get boring after few weeks of random profile hunting.

As always these days there is an app for this and Meetwo is the one that does not rely on chance or even a fancy piece of software, it uses chemistry and if you are lucky enough to meet the right person with the right chemistry you are half way there, the rest is down to hard work and love!

While we think matching by algorithm is wrong, we believe that people should find compatibility by their own. Just like in real life, we need an app that uses chemistry (in a fun way). That’s why we are creating Meetwo.

Meetwo is brand new, in fact it is that new you cannot get it yet, but you can get involved in the beta process, just enter your name and email to get a beta invite. You never know, that special person might be doing just the same right now. So what are you waiting for?