The Stall standing desk has many positions

If you work in an office or spend a bit of time sitting at a desk you will already know that sometimes you reach the point where you just have to either change position or get up and walk about for a minute or so. The trouble here is that when you are working, it is not always practical to keep stopping and starting, what is needed is a desk that has been designed so that you can work without the need to keep changing position. The Stall can be used in either a seating or standing position, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of jobs or even in the home!

Two thousand hours. That’s how much the average worker toils away annually sitting at a desk. 80 full days where you sit and make money, yet your body pays the price. Your spine contorts into a question mark. You run a serious risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues. Sitting is a pain in the neck—literally.

So there you have it, this is the Stall Desk and it could make all the difference to you, why sit when you can stand and still achieve the same output? This is a very interesting design that looks futuristic and yet uses natural materials. It will be available soon with a retail price of around $199, but if you like it and you are quick they are crowdfunding at the moment, with one of the perks of backing the project being a Stall Desk for just $99, now that has to be a bargain. For more details head on over to the Stall Desk website.