Turn your code into a work of art

To some of us the source code of our websites are already a work of art, the trouble is not many people take the time to check it out. So, for those who feel that people should be taking notice of their code, there is Commits.io a site created to help you turn a piece of your source code into a poster, which you can have either as it comes, or in a cool looking frame.

We print only on professional quality matte paper. Then your poster is packed with care and arrives ready to immortalize your work on the wall. We made Commits.io for programmers who love every loop, semicolon, and if statement (and aren’t afraid to show it). It’s what you do. Put it on display.

So there you have it, display some of your code on the wall and at first many people will not even know what it is until they take a closer look. The posters measure up at 24 inches x 18 inches and you can choose to have just the poster for $49.99 or it can come mounted in a nice looking frame for just $99.99, remember code is art and this is how it should be displayed.