This tiny tool could help you out one day

You know how it is, you find that bolt needs tightening up, or there is a screw that needs adjusting and you cannot find the right tool for the job anywhere. Yet, when there are no jobs that need fixing there are always tools lying around. Well, worry no more because this is the MyPocketmaster and it is one tool with many uses. This handy little tool has many uses, such as a screwdriver, hex spanner, blade, bottle opener and many more.

MyPocketMaster can be used to open a bottle with very little effort. Having it on your keyring is really useful because it can help you to satisfy your thirstiness in most crucial moments !
Tighten up screws. You can use screwdriver attachment, or if screw is small enough it can be done with MyPocketMaster itself!

The trouble here is that the MyPocketmaster is not on sale yet, so we have to wait a while until they get to the point where it goes on sale to see just cool this mini tool is. In the mean time, if you want to keep up with developments, check out the MyPocketmaster website for news, images and details of how you can get one for yourself.