will help you disappear from the internet!

It is a strange concept for many of us, but some people really do want to disappear from the internet for whatever reason they have. While the rest of us spend many hours a day trying to keep up an internet presence some would rather completely erase their name, work and history, but how can you even start such a huge task?

This is where an idea from Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unneback comes in handy, they have created a site designed to erase you from the internet! It is very easy to get started too, simply log into the system using your Google account and it starts scanning for apps and services that you have created accounts with.

You are then offered a list of these apps and services where you can choose to keep or erase, if you choose erase these accounts go onto a delete list and when you have finished deciding on those accounts to keep and those accounts to keep, one thing remains! To delete or not to delete, that is the question! It is safe to say that there will be some hovering over the delete button for many people!