Tweet Mashup blends two Twitter accounts Tweets

Twitter has become a mix brilliant, funny, boring and informative bites of info in less than 140 characters. For many users like me, it is essential for spreading your messages and images, while for others it might have become a bit stale, so what is needed here is Tweet Mashup a new site that mixes up tweets from two accounts and the results are interesting to say the least.

Its all the idea of the analytics expert Jonathan Adler, he has made it possible to mash up your own tweets with a friend or somebody else, you can also mash up a couple of famous Twitter users accounts to produce some really interesting Tweets gathered from the content found on their respective Twitter accounts. Better still, one you have mashed up a couple of accounts, you can Tweet the result.

This is clearly a fun way of producing some very interesting Twitter content, the trouble is as with anything like this, some Twitter users could get slightly upset! You have been warned and so if you can take some Twitter heat in exchange for coming up with the perfect Tweet Mashup, then head on over to the site and try it out, it’s free!