Use HandEnergy to give your battery a charge

There is no doubt that we all love our gadgets and devices, which is why we spend so much time on them. Yet there is one thing that really makes us hate our devices and that is the low battery alert, what makes it worse, is that this normally happens when you are nowhere near a mains power supply. No matter what the makers of these devices claim, it seems that the battery will always let you down and will hardly ever see the day out fully.

So, there are portable chargers, but you have to charge those up too, otherwise they are no good to you, you could try wind or solar power but who has room for all this in their pockets. Alternately there is the HandEnergy system, which as you may have guessed use the power of your hand to create a charge capable of charging the battery in your smartphone, tablet or any number of battery powered devices. It is simple to use too, just connect the device to the HandEnergy in your hand and rotate your wrist to charge, it is that simple!

HandEnergy is your pocket electricity generator. Generate your own clean energy with the power of your body; store it, always keep it with you, and charge your devices wherever you are.

Imagine you are out hiking or travelling around and your devices low battery sounds, normally this would mean panic, but if you had a HandEnergy device on you, this would no longer be an issue, just imagine the peace of mind that offers. The HandEnergy will be going on sale early next year with a retail price of around 99 Euros, but get in early and you could get one for just 79 Euros. For more details on the HandEnergy and how to pick up a bargain head on over to their crowdfunding page, but hurry!