‘iGoSense’ Portable WIFI Security Device Launches on Kickstarter

A UK based tech firm have announced the Kickstarter launch of an innovative portable security device, set to revolutionise the way people and property can be protected, quickly and easily.

Aptly named, ‘iGoSense’ is a portable WIFI based security sensor, which can be used anywhere and is set up in a matter of seconds. Utilising the latest in PIR (passive infrared) sensor technology, the ‘iGoSense’ offers users a versatile, powerful and fully customisable way to protect the things that mean most to them.

As a unique solution to otherwise expensive fixed alarm systems, the ‘iGoSense’ device is small and discreet, fitting into the palm of a hand. The device can be placed or fixed anywhere the user wants to have a level of security. The high-tech WIFI enabled PIR sensor then detects motion within the field of the device and immediately sends out an alert to a smartphone or tablet installed with the ‘iGoSense’ app.

Designed and built in the UK, the intuitive ‘iGoSense’ app gives users the ability to create fully customised alert screens, to perfectly suit any security need. These could include a broad range of uses from home and garden to security at camp sites, in restricted areas or around vehicles.

Tiny, covert and highly integrated, the ‘iGoSense’ is designed to be fully customisable, allowing users to choose their own security screen layout and receive alerts of movement at the very first signs of movement.

Founder of the iGoSense, Edward Clifford, commented: “We’re thrilled to be bringing the iGoSense tactical security device to Kickstarter. We’re looking to provide the UK with the very latest in portable high-tech security solutions which are versatile enough to be used in any situation.”

For further information on the ‘iGoSense’ kickstarter campaign, please visit the official page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1574214560/igosense-take-anywhere-security-to-your-own-design