HelloEar Arc custom fit earphones

We are not normally in the habit of discussing ears, but when we are looking at custom fit earphones we do not have much choice in the matter. It seems that all of our ears different and so when it comes to wearing earphones there is the possibility that they will not fit properly making them uncomfortable, which is no good at all. These are custom fit earphones called HelloEar Arc, they literally fit your ear ensuring comfort, great sound and they will not fall out!

HelloEar Arc earphone provides ultimate comfort and a secure wearing experience never seen before. Arc’s modular configuration allows easy conversion to bluetooth or 3.5mm connections in seconds. The sound quality? Every pair of Arc delivers rich, hi-fi sound through its top-of-the-line balanced armature speaker for your listening pleasure.

Now, as with most things that are personally built for the customer it would seem logical to think that the HelloEar Arc earphones are going to cost too much to make it practical, but that does not seem to be the case. They are planning to start selling these in March next year with a retail price of around $149, but get on board early and you could have your very own pair of custom made bluetooth HelloEar Arc earphones from just $69, which is a massive saving. To find out more these custom fit earphones and how you can grab a bargain while stocks last, go to their Kickstarter crowdfunding page.