Snapchat style photo frames for Facebook users

A new feature from Facebook is this frames effect, if you think that you have seen something like this before, then maybe you are a Snapchat user, because this is very similar as it allows you to create a cool photo effect for yourself instead of using a template that other users including those in your social network might be using. This is just another feature that should have been rolled out a long time ago, but better late than never!

Learn about creating frames for photos and videos. Frames are a creative way for people to have fun or show their support. Now you can create frames that people can add to photos and videos on Facebook.

It is easy to transform your images to promote a good cause or just for the sake of it! Just design a frame save it as a PNG and upload it. Arrange the frame over a transparent background, remembering that it must not to obscure the image, just surround it and then preview it. Now add your details and submit for Facebooks approval, currently they processing them within a week. Once approved it is ready use and share with your friends, happy days!