Making the bed just became easier with Smartduvet

Making the bed in the morning is one of things that you either straight away when you get up or leave until it is time to go to bed again. Well maybe not to that extreme, but making the bed can be a chore and it could become a thing of the past with Smartduvet! Yes, this brilliant new idea will mean that making the bed will become a thing of the past!

When you activate SMARTDUVET it inflates the sheet’s air chamber placing the duvet and sheets back in position. With the app, you can preset a different bed-making time for each day of the week, letting you sleep-in on the weekends if you want to.

Once you have the Smartduvet you can control it using the app on your smartphone, who would have thought that one day you could make the bed by pressing a button on your smartphone! Anyway, you might be thinking that this is going to cost a lot, but when it goes on sale in the summer of next year it will set you back around $200 if you are quick!