The Helixot XO 6.2 extreme sports backpack

Getting involved in extreme sports sounds very much like a lifestyle choice and yet while free running, climbing, snowboarding, surfing and just general exploring the great outdoors sounds exciting, nobody wants their stuff to get damaged or soaking wet! Yet is seems inevitable that will happen at some point regardless no how careful you are. However, things could be so much different with the XO 6.2 backpack from Helixot, this is one backpack that will not let you down as it has been designed to protect your stuff and to be fair, it looks really cool too.

The XO 6.2 backpack by Helixot is the answer! It allows you to fully enjoy your favorite outdoor activity while keeping your personal items accessible and dry! It’s 100% submersible, so you’re ready for any adventure life takes you on, regardless of the weather or your surroundings.

The XO 6.2 backpack has been designed to the highest standards and offers protection even if it is has been completely submerged in water, there are not many backpacks that can offer that protection. Access is through a screwcap feature allowing easy opening when needed and a fully waterproof seal when closed. Amazingly, the backpack weighs in at just 850 grams, so it is not going to break your back either. Now you might be thinking that this is going to be a bit pricey, but when it goes on retail sale next year it will cost just 145 Euros, however, order early and you could get one for just 85 Euros. For more details and information on how you can grab a bargain, head on over to the Helixot crowdfunding page, but hurry, because we can see these going fast!