Stay in touch with the qliqr one tap app

Communication is everything these days and it makes no difference if you are communicating for business or social staying in touch is essential. The trouble for many of us is that we have more friends and contacts than ever before, which can slow things up for us. Enter qliqr the app designed to free up time with an interesting one tap communication function.

One tap communication app. Fast communication with those close to you. qliqr is the fastest communication tool to interact with your family, friends, lovers, colleagues, etc. using emoji and canned messages. Add your friends to your list, scroll through emoji and canned messages and send them a ‘qliq’ with literally just one tap!

For moment qliqr is only available for the owners of iPhones and iPads from iTunes, it’s free and could help you get a bit more organised. With the festive season upon us, there is no better time to communicate with family, friends and everyone else, so spread some cheer and get communicating with the qliqr app now.