How many times has public transport said sorry?

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There is nothing worse than your train being late making you late for work, for one the boss never believes you and you pay a lot of money for public transport. So when something goes wrong how many times do the mass transport people say sorry? You might be thinking not enough, but Sorry for the inconvenience is a new website that actually charts all of the apologies given by those businesses offering train, tram, bus, tube and plane services, there is a lot of data out there and this website puts it all in one handy place.

The site has only been running for a couple of weeks and it has been tracking Twitter for tweets from the transport providers apologizing for the inconvenience caused to travelers who have taken the trouble to complain about the services provided. As you might expect some companies have a worse than others and the website shows this in various graphs. You can even check your local transport service by clicking on the links at the side of the page.