2017 Video Conferencing Trends

As the year draws to an end, it’s time to reflect on 2016, the technological advances it brought us and the trends we have seen change the way we work. Video conferencing has become something of a norm this year, and as we head into 2017, its popularity doesn’t seem to be diminishing. Video conferencing offers businesses a level of communication that has been unprecedented, and whilst it’s always hard to predict a market that is constantly changing, here MeetingZone take you through a few 2017 video conferencing trends that you should be looking out for.

Between 2014 and 2020, the global video conferencing market is set to see a growth of 9.4% each year, this is a market that we are still yet to witness the peak of, and as much as it has grown, developed and been integrated into daily use across many businesses – it is still very much something that people do not realise the full potential of. Video conferencing can often be pigeon-holed, but understanding the depth of its core abilities is the first step in bringing it to the forefront of your business use.

Video Conferencing Trends

Cross- Company Communication

One trend that we will undoubtedly see continue it he requirement from businesses to utilise video conferencing to enable cross-company communication. Organisations aren’t just located in one spot anymore; businesses are growing, opening offices in other countries and the requirement for ease of communication is ever present. What was once seen as something out of the norm for businesses to integrate, is now becoming a necessity to ensure communication is seamless across organisations.

More Than A Virtual Meeting

Video conferencing trends are seeing a push in a different direction from using the platforms for virtual meetings; video conferencing offers businesses so much potential, video calls change the way that people are interacting. Where there may once have been a stigma with using video conferencing to interview a potential new employee, in a lot of cases it can be beneficial as the initial meeting offers much more insight than a telephone interview whilst bringing the benefits of less hassle in organising time out of a day to physically meet someone. It is the quality of the video conferencing that is letting this trend become enhanced through businesses.

Enhanced Capabilities

2017 will see video conferencing be used for more ways, meetings are becoming much more enhanced through the technology allowing a meeting room paradigm across different tools that are used within businesses, whether it’s across Microsoft, within Slack, Google, even virtual reality is being utilised to ensure that the possibilities with video conferencing are enhanced more than ever before.

Video conferencing has become much more accessible to a wider audience as it has become a much more affordable option for businesses to use to enhance communication; businesses are seeing it as an essential tool for their day today communication, improving the way we collaborate and ensuring that global business expansion goals are more easily achievable than ever before.