Virtual Reality could help with Dementia

There are many things that can have an effect on the way that we live and dementia is just one of them. But a UK based company called Tribemix has been working with a care home group to see if and how Virtual Reality (VR) can have a positive effect on those residents suffering from Dementia. To show this idea in action they have produced a video, which is above and the results really are positive and if this could be replicated in great numbers then if could be a massive step forward in how we care for those suffering from this disability, VR clearly has more to offer than just gaming.

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Tribemix and care home group, Quantum Care, have developed a series of virtual reality experiences that take people living with dementia in care out of the residential homes and away to a range of relaxing places. The range of immersive 3D scenes include the beach, a forest or watching dolphins playing around a coral reef.

#virtualreality #vr #dementia #disability #tribemix

There is still a long way to go before virtual reality becomes widely used in this sector, the development costs would be high and therefore this would be passed on through the final cost of the product. Before then there is a lot of work and time to cover, yet this is something that has hardly any coverage for some reason. You would have thought that due to the nature of dementia there would be plenty of investment funds available. If you would like to find out more on the Tribemix VR system or to find out how you can help, head on over to the Tribemix VR website now!

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