Bristols 1st Virtual Reality Centre

If we said that full immersion virtual reality is the way forward into next year, you might agree and this would be closely followed by “What about the cost?” and that is a valid point especially when a full VR set up will not leave you much change from £2000! As with all new technology the early versions will be pricey, as well as being few and far between, but it does have to be that way as this idea from Bristol based Jack Munns will show.

The idea is for the first full immersion virtual reality centre in Bristol, you might ask why there and the answer would have to be why not! Anyway, despite the location the idea is to build a space where access to VR is available for all for a small monthly fee starting from £10! There could be as many as four VR stations all with HTC Vives, computer equipment, and controllers, in fact, everything you need to get started with VR without the enormous outlay.

A Virtual reality (VR) centre for Bristol. This will include four stations equipped with HTC Vives and the PC’s required to run them. Each station having a partitioned space for room scale VR. Also there will be a cosy cafe/bar, a relaxed place for a drink and a lounge, to soften the transition from virtual reality to reality. Doors should open early 2017!

As you can image getting this kind of thing off the ground will take time and money, a lot of money and so this is where you come in as the project is currently on Kickstarter attempting to raise the money needed to launch the VR centre. For just £45 you could grab yourself four VR sessions when the centre opens early next year. Just imagine the fun and games that could be waiting for you in Bristol next year!