Pump up the volume with Mix Wireless headphones

In-ear headphones have been around for a long time now, so we are used to seeing new versions of them appearing now and then. Yet, the current design is leaning towards wireless in-ear headphones and while this is a brilliant idea, there is one problem and that is what happens if one or both fall out? The cost of replacing them is crazy and there is the inconvenience too, the answer is the one piece wireless headphone and these are the Mix wireless headphones from the UK based Pump Audio.

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These headphones are stylish and practical simply because if one just happens to fall out it is not going to be the end of the world. But there is more here because these headphones are designed with care, they offer high-quality audio that is comparable to many of the top brands, which in many cases are much more expensive. You even get a ninety day trail, so if you are not happy with the Mix headphones for some reason you can just return them for a refund.

At PUMP Audio, we truly believe that sound is by far the most important element in any set of headphones. So much so that it’s our official company slogan. After sound comes comfort, usability and style in that order, with manufacturing quality a given.

#pumpaudio #mixwirelessheadphones #headphones

Pump Audio are hoping to launch the Mix Wireless Headphones early next year with a retail price of around £129, but if you head on over to their crowdfunding page on Kickstarter where you can get a set of Mix Headphones from just £79, which has to be a bargain but only if you are quick! To find out more on these cool headphones go to their website now!