Regain control of your life with Thing!

These days there is so much going on that being organised can become a full-time job if you let it that is. However, there is help out there and one such idea is the Thing launcher, such a simple idea and yet it is able to help you to regain control over your life by making things simple. You might think that this is just another smartphone launcher, but it’s not. Thing is all about organising your stuff, from apps to services and from calls to messaging, Thing has go your back.

Rethinking Mobile UX – THING is a Launcher that lets you control every aspect of your connected life by seamlessly connecting you to your favorite services – all without leaving your home screen. You’re in control. It’s Your Universe.

So, you might be wondering what the bottom line is here, well if you are an Android user then the cost is nothing, it is a free app available now from Google Play, so you have nothing to lose. Simply download and give it go, it might work for you, if might not! One thing is for certain, in these days where being organised can mean peace of mind, any help in that department cannot be bad.