Heat-O the wearable central heating suit

For some people, the cold can be a serious issue and for some, they have no choice but to enter chilly situations due to the kind of work that they carry out. So while being cold can be a nuisance for some of us, for others it can be a real issue and for those, there will soon be help in the shape of the Heat-O system.

HEAT-O is a wearable modular heating system for personal use, solving common problems encountered when using the standard electrically heated clothing, such as water resistance, safety and multitasking. The system is fully waterproof, works and is safe for full water immersion.

The Heat-O heating system is not available just yet, but will be soon appearing on Kickstarter where they are hoping to raise enough cash in order to make this idea into reality! There is not much more to go on except the prices are said to range from around £50 up to £160!