Fravel the suitcase that will turn heads!

It is not that often that we find a suitcase interesting enough to write about, but the Fravel suitcase is something completely different from other suitcases available, in fact, you could say the Fravel suitcase is partly a suitcase and partly a pet, a strange combination you might think, but wait until you have seen it close up.

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The reasons for featuring this suitcase has nothing to with it looking like a pet, rather to attention to detail that the designers have included, such as the built-in sensors, battery, detachable ears, being fully waterproof, smart power feature and much more besides, this is a truly fully loaded suitcase with added cuteness.

Fravel is the world’s cutest luggage! When choosing a travel bag, why can’t we look beyond functionalities? Why can’t it also be simple, cute and really cute? When you walk with Fravel, it feels like your pet is following you on an adventure, like a fantasy. Going out should be more about our feelings than what we can do.

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This kind is suitcase design is not going to be everyone’s idea of the perfect travel companion, but it certainly offers many features that are not ordinarily available to buyers of luggage. They are hoping to start selling the Fravel towards the end of the year with a retail price of around $359, but if you pop over to the Kickstarter site, you will find that you could get your hands on one from just $269, which is a bargain by anyone’s standards.