Izar the social media and gaming app!

Mobile phones were designed for phone calls and text messages, but smartphones are more than just that, they are hubs connecting us to the wider world through apps. Most of us use our smartphones for social media, gaming or both, Izar will be an app that connects both worlds of social media and gaming. This is a new world with four places, the School, Library, Cinema and Karaoke Club for now, but as the app expands more features will be added.

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Since the main stream for the current social media platforms is operating via user-generated-content, we thought of adding a bit more interactive way to smooth the process and grant our users an opportunity to better create their experiences and stories from within.

#izar #app #game #socialmedia #newapp #izarapp

It is early days for Izar, they are currently raising funds on Kickstarter where you can pledge anything from a £1 to £8000 depending on how much you want to be involved. There are some cool perks too, such as books, posters and t-shirts. For more details go to the crowdfunding page now, offers are only available on a first come, first served basis. This is your chance to get involved in the development of something new, interested?

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