Jogab wireless earbuds that do not fall out!

Earbuds are great, but they do have a flaw and that is the cable connecting them to your device. So, wireless earbuds sound like the ideal solution and yet these have a flaw too, they can fall out! This presents us with a problem, do we stick with wired earbuds and the restrictions of a cable, or go for a wireless earbud design and take a chance that if they fall out they will not be lost or damaged?

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Well, it seems that there could be another choice and it comes in the form of the Jogab wireless earbuds, these offer a smart, sleek, and slim design that will allow the user to carry out sports or just get on with the daily grind without the fear of losing one or both of them.

We believe in a truly wireless future, a future where complexity, wires and bulkiness are only in the past. This belief inspired us to create a brand for next generation products. A brand inspired by the modern age, created for a simplified living. It is slim, sleek, technical and smart, but the most important, it lets you reach your full potential. Run, jump, swim, sweat, talk, dance and drive.

#jogabwirelessearbuds #jogab #waltonblank #earbuds

These wireless earbuds might be small but the battery life is up to 35 hours on a single charge, and there is a microphone in each earbud, which is handy for calls etc. Simply connect via a Bluetooth connection and you are good to go! The Jogab wireless earbuds are designed in Sweden and will be launching on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo at the end of the month. To stay up to date head on over to the Walton Blank website.