Finish what you start with Prolifiko!

Anyone who has set off on the road to writing something will know that it is not an easy road to travel, it is full of distractions, obstacles and pressures, yet all the time, people are starting to write and on many occasions they finish shortly after, this is the way that writing goes and in order to finish a piece whether it is a short article or full-length novel it takes hard work!

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Yet finishing a piece can be very satisfying and if you are one of those writers who is yet to finish their piece there is help on its way called Prolifiko a service that promises to help you to finish what you have started. It is a coach and motivator, yet no matter what you call it, this is one service that can help you get to the end.

Our Prolifiko coaching method helps you achieve your writing goals – step-by-step. We make you more productive, we keep you writing, we help you finish what you start. Whatever you want to write, you can get it written.

#prolifiko #finishwhatyoustart #productivity #coaching #app

At the moment they are raising funds through Kickstarter, so that means backers of this project will be able to grab the app before it is officially released for just £5, now that seems like a bargain for any budding writer to get help with setting goals, a nudge in the right direction now and then, and summary too! For more details on this app visit the Prolifiko website!