The modern world means time for a new wallet!

These days we have so much stuff to carry around in our pockets that it should come as no surprise when we lose stuff. It is so easy to do, you put your hand into your pocket and as you pull it out something else comes out too, if you notice you are lucky and yet how many times have you been told that you have dropped something?

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This is the Vessel Wallet, it has been designed to make your life easier by making sure that your important stuff is in one handy place, easily accessible and safe too. It is made from aircraft grade aluminium, so it is going to be tough and yet it is light. The wallet has a minimal design and yet has enough space for cards, cash, receipts and other important stuff.

Vessel’s aircraft grade aluminium body is sleek with a smooth finish and rounded corners, allowing it to easily slide into your pocket. The wallet’s design was inspired by the intuitive swiping motion we use on smartphones. Vessel’s minimalist design has no mechanical components and is held together by 4 miniature hex head screws.

#vessel #vesselwallet #vesselmetalwallet

The Vessel wallet is expected to be going on sale in a couple of months time with a retail price of around $85, but if you are quick you could grab a bargain by pledging just $55 on the crowdfunding page on Kickstarter. To stay in touch with developments and to find out more on this interesting version of the wallet, visit the Vessel Wallet website now and then.