AirHooks keep your wireless earbuds where they belong!

Wireless earbuds sound like a great idea and most of the time they are until one falls out of your ear and it is lost forever. So not only do you have the inconvenience of not being able to listen to your favourite tunes on the commute, you have to go and but another earbud or in some cases, a new pair of wireless earbuds and they are not cheap.

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Yet, before you dig out those tangled wired earphones you might want to take a little look at these AirHooks! For earbud user who just cannot go back to a cable, this could be the solution. Simply fit the AirHook to the shaft of the wireless earbud and place the hook part around the ear, so simple and so practical in the real world.

The AirHooks were first created in September 2016 as a simple solution to help secure Apple AirPods comfortably around the ear. I anticipated the release of the AirPods, and noticed the mixed reviews about this innovation. Though many reviews since the release have been positive, I designed these AirHooks to ensure the security of the AirPods without strings, suitable for any ear shape.

#airhooks #apple #airpods #appleairpods #audio

There is not much information on this project when it comes to price and availability, we have to assume that the putting the project on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter is to see if there is a market out there and you would have to think that there is. So, if you are interested in the AirHooks stay in touch with the designer on Benny Boxhead or keep an eye on the Kickstarter page for changes.