PocketPower your portable solar charger!

No matter who we are or where we are, there will come a time when the batteries in our devices need a charge and with mains power available that is not a problem, but what if there is no mains power supply available? Now that presents us with a serious problem and to be honest a device with no power is totally useless.

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Thankfully there are some options available such as spare batteries and portable chargers, yet eventually, these solutions will run out of power leaving you back at square one. This is where the PocketPower portable charger comes in as it uses solar energy to charge your batteries and that means you can always have a full battery.

PocketPower is good for camping, travelling, hiking and emergency preparation. It can power up all your USB devices including mobile phones, tablets, power banks, MP4, GPS, bluetooth headsets ,portable speakers and other gadgets when there`s sunshine. Or you can combine it with bags, bikes, golf cart, boat, tents.

#pocketpower #portablepower #solarpower #batterycharger

This sounds like the answer to a very modern problem, you can set the PocketPower charger to your backpack to make the most of the sun while you are on the move. This handy battery charger will be available later on this year and you can pre-order on the chargers crowdfunding page from just $45! For more details and information on how to pre-order one go to the PocketPower page on Kickstarter.