Build cool stuff anywhere with EverBlocks

Most of us as kids played around with Lego and we quickly found that we were able to build some cool things from those tiny coloured plastic bricks, but then we got older and the bricks were forgotten about. Yet, when you think about it, Lego is cool and what if somebody come up with a Lego-style modular system for adults, what would you build with it?

Well, this is not a dream, EverBlocks are real and with this modular building system at your disposal, you could get started right away. The idea is just like Lego, each block fits into the other and as with the traditional Lego bricks, the EverBlock modular building system come in different sizes and colours, building a feature wall, desk, or something else is easy.

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EverBlock is a unique modular building system consisting of oversized plastic blocks and accessories that facilitate the construction of all types of objects. It’s quick and easy to build nearly anything, by stacking and organizing the universal blocks in nearly any shape, pattern, or size.

The EverBlocks can be purchased individually or as a set, such as the EverBlock Combo Bulk Pack with
16 x Full Size 12 inch Blocks, 4 x Half Size 6 inch Blocks and 6 x Finishing Caps, available in a choice of sixteen colours although the set has to be just one colour choice. The cost of this set is just under £150! For more details on this modular building system or how to order yours go to the EverBlock website.

 #everblock #modularbuildingsystem #lego #everblocks