Great idea! Shoes that can vacuum!

Love or hate it, vacuuming is just one of things that we have to do every day, once a week or whenever, no matter how frequent there comes a time when you just have to get on with it. However, maybe it does not have to be like that at all, what it your shoes could do the vacuuming for you as you walk, would that be useful?

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These shoes were entered into an internal competition run by the car part firm Denso, they are based on the shoe design as worn by the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis but with some modification such as the platform style sole to incorporate the vacuuming system and the opening at the front to suck in the rubbish as you walk on by!

Jennifer Jolly reviews the first vacuum shoe designed by the automotive company Denso.

#vacuumingshoes #shoedesign #vacuum #shoes #platformshoes

Clearly, it is early days for this design and we are likely to see then being sold in the stores soon, yet it seems that this is innovation in practice. It is true that some concept designs never make it past this stage and yet you can see a future for this kind of thing in some shape or form. Thanks to Jennifer Jolly at USA Today we know that these vacuuming shoes actually exist.