There is a situation at CTU as 24 returns with Legacy!

The thought of another 24 is exciting, but this time there will be no Jack Bauer and so do we need to worry? After all, Jack Bauer was the man to get things done and without worrying about the consequences for his family, work colleagues and the free world in general. It was this that made the 24 series such an edge of the chair series and now it all starts again.

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The first of this series will be 24: Legacy, it stars Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto, Jimmy Smits, Teddy Sears, Dan Bucatinsky, Anna Diop, Ashley Thomas, Charlie Hofheimer, Coral Pena, and Sheila Vand. The series will be launching next month and to be honest, this is the next best thing to Homeland, which also launches around the same time.

Six months ago in Yemen, an elite squad of U.S. Army Rangers, led by Sergeant ERIC CARTER, killed terrorist leader Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid. In the aftermath, Bin-Khalid’s followers declared a fatwah against Carter, his squad and their families, forcing them into federal witness protection. But a recent attempt on Carter’s own life makes it clear to him that his team is now exposed. To thwart further attacks, Carter enlists REBECCA INGRAM, who quarterbacked the raid that killed Bin-Khalid. She’s a brilliant and ambitious intelligence officer who has stepped down from her post as National Director of CTU to support her husband, SENATOR JOHN DONOVAN, in his campaign for President of the United States.

#24 #24legacy #foxtv #jackbauer #ctu #terror #president

As always, the clock is ticking right from the start. There are 24 hours all neatly packaged into 12 episodes, yes those days when 24 actually meant 24 have long gone, but never the less this is well worth watching as Kiefer Sutherland is still there in the background, if only as an executive producer. To stay in touch with what is going on on the Fox 24: Legacy webpages.