Peri Duo gives your iPhone audio a boost!

Smartphones are great, but on some devices, the audio is not as good as you might like. Who hasn’t experienced that vibrating sound when the audio reaches a point that the speaker is unable to handle fully? Well for those who find this annoying and embarrassing there is help in that shape of the Peri Duo case for the iPhone with built-in speaker system.

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The case is a bit bulkier than other smartphone cases, but you would expect that as this case is not just a protective case. This case offers a much better audio experience, in fact, you will be able to show off to your friends just how cool it is, by playing your favourite tracks through the Peri Duo in the open air, they will be amazed.

Bye-bye, tinny playback. Say hello to broad-spectrum, big-volume (100 decibel!) sound. Duo is the iPhone case with room-filling audio that more than doubles your iPhone’s battery life. Experience crisp playback while docked, streaming wirelessly over Bluetooth, or enjoying Wi-Fi’s fuller sound, without Bluetooth’s compressed audio bandwidth.

#periduo #speaker #speakercase #periduospeakercase

So you might be thinking that this kind of design and technology is going to cost a lot, but you only get what you pay for and the price of around $190 demonstrates this point, it’s not cheap and yet how much would you pay for a portable Bluetooth speaker? For more details and information on how to order one of these cases, go to the Peri Duo website.