Charge your Apple device with any cable!

While Apple devices are built to high standards, we always find that the charging cables leave a lot to be desired and often break near the connectors, which means a trip down the Apple Store and an expensive replacement. Yet, there are products available that have been specifically made for iPhones (MFI) and are certified to prove that they will not let you down, but the Smart Night Light can be used with Android devices too.

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The Smart Night Light is an adapter built to the MFI standards and is certified as well, the adapter has a handy built in light that shows which way around it needs to be, so there is no messing around trying to connect the cable to the device in the dark. It also allows the user to connect any cable, so you are no longer limited to an Apple cable with the Smart Night Light.

1500 lumen power a white light to help with night charging
The powerful forward light makes charging in the dark easy
Ambiance lighting from the sides
Ambient lighting sets a fun relaxing mood with soft colors
Soft colors of light also improve baby’s rest
Works with both Apple and Android devices
Never buy an expensive Apple cable again
Available Smart Cables in white and multi colored braid
Smart Cables have higher charging speed because they contain more copper wiring.
Designed by award winning team
Unique and trendy patented design

#smartnightlight #madeforiphone #adapter #cable #charger

This could be something that many Apple users might have been hoping for but did not want to ask. However, now it is here, there is no need to struggle with a charging cable that is not working properly, just get this adapter and use any cable to charge your iPhone. This handy adapter is currently in development and will be going on sale soon once funding has been achieved through Kickstarter. For more details and how you could pre-order one from just $22 go to the Smart Night Light website.