Pre-order your Nintendo Switch now for $300!

It seems to have been a long wait but finally, Nintendo are allowing gamers to pre-order the handheld games console with docking station system and removeable controllers or as they call it, the Nintendo Switch! Could this be the machine that gamers have been waiting for? Well it is going to depend on a few factors, price, available games and how good the system actually is, so lets take a closer look.

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The Nintendo Switch has been designed to allow gamers to play whenever and whereever they want, sounds a bit like gamers heaven and maybe it is. The system is made up with the console, a dock and two controllers that fix to each side of the console when using it as a handheld machine, or they detach when the console is placed in the dock when playing games against other players.

Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. So you get more time to play the games you love, however you like. Dock your Nintendo Switch and play in HD. Heading out? Take your game with you in handheld mode. Get lost in an epic adventure or put the pedal to the metal. Nintendo Switch can handle it all.

#nintendo #nintendoswitch #switch #gamesconsole

Until now we have had no idea on the cost of the Nintendo Switch, we were hoping for a price under £200, but it looks like the pre-order page has a price of $300 or around £280 when it launches at the begining of March. Some people might think that to be a little too expensive at first, but then again most new releases are! For more details on this new handheld games console and to pre-order yours now go to the Nintendo Switch webpage.