Get your Uber without leaving the Google Maps app!

Finding an Uber to get you from where are to where you need to be is about to get easier thanks to Google Maps. Rolling out on the Android and iOS Google Maps app will be the feature that allows you to request an Uber ride without leaving the Google Maps app. Of course, in the past, you were able to check taxi services in the area, but if you wanted to hail an Uber you would have to leave the Google Maps app and move to the Uber app in order to complete the process, now you won’t have to.

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While this might sound like good news for the customer, Uber and its drivers might prefer it if customers booked through the Uber app direct as it is able to track drivers and process the whole transaction from start to finish. The difference with the Google Maps app is that you are able to see where all taxi services are, the prices and times etc, therefore the customer is able to choose between services rather than sticking to just one.

This is a natural expansion for Google Maps, allowing the user to search for services, check prices and book a service too, it is a fast and easy way of getting what you want when you want it. Google say that this update will be rolling from today on both Android and iOS platforms. Will people be using this service, of course, they will, Google is the first stop for any search and now you can do everything from the app, another clever move from Google!

#uber #google #googlemaps #taxi #ride #bookaride

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