Alchema makes craft cider from your old fruit!

There a time a few years ago when making your own beer and wine was a very popular hobby, but as with most hobbies these things come and go. So if the very idea of making your own booze fills you with dread then maybe you might want to take a closer look at the Alchema machine, as this takes all of that fruit that has been hanging around for weeks and turns it into a tasty craft cider, about three wine bottles worth in one to two weeks time!

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Unlike those kits of the past, you get all of the help that you need to become an expert cider brewer with the handy Alchema app. Just follow the instructions and you just cannot go wrong. The worst thing about this is going to be the wait to pop open one of those bottles to taste the results of your labours. All you need is fruit, water, yeast and sugar to start, the Alchema machine will do the rest and it is keeps you updated with the brews progress, so there is not guess work needed.

Alchema enables you to homebrew your own unique flavor of hard craft cider. With the simplicity of making a pot of coffee, you can turn your favorite fruit into craft cider with limitless flavor options. We created Alchema to simplify homebrewing, starting with cider. Alchema brings the joy of craft cider to you and your loved ones. You pick the ingredients, and let Alchema take care of the rest!

#alchema #cider #brew #makeyourowncider

This cider making kit will normally cost around $500, but for a short while they have a sale going on, so for just $430 you can get the Alchema device, a Alchema pitcher, 3 kinds of yeast packets to make 3 rounds of cider, a micro USB cable and the 10W USB power adapter, everything you need apart from the fruit to start making your own craft cider. The first batch might take a couple of weeks, but once you get into the brewing routine you can have new batches running so that you have a constant supply of tasty cider. For more details head on over to the Alchema website.