The credit card tool that can help you out!

Here is something that fits into your wallet and can help you out of tricky situations, it is a simple enough idea and yet there are some many uses for it. The universal tactical credit card cannot be used in the stores, but it has enough tools built into it to allow the user to carry out 11 functions such as cutting, screwing, measuring and tightening bolts.

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It comes with a Saw, Knife, Screwdriver, Bottle opener, Wrench, size 4, Screw key, Protractor, the compass, Wrench, size 2, Hole for bending wire (or key ring), Can-opener and a ruler. With all of these functions, you will be wondering how you managed to go without the universal tactical credit card in your daily life and at work.

The major advantage of a set of marked its minimum size, ease of content functionality. Advantages of multifunction knife credit card: Reliability – the knife is made of stainless steel alloy resistant to corrosion. They can easily be made from wire fish hooks in 3 mm thick, and other tools necessary for survival!

#tool #creditcardtool #universaltacticalcreditcard

This cool and handy gadget is currently seeking financial backing through crowdfunding on Indiegogo this means that once they have enough backers the universal tactical credit card will be produced and in the mean time for $20 you could be the proud owner of one of the first editions. To stay in touch with the project and for more details on the universal tactical credit card check out the page on Indiegogo before its too late.