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20th January 2017

Colossal the monster remotely controlled by a girl!

I suppose that we all think that being able to control a monster would be good, but we know that in reality, this is never going to happen or maybe it could. Huge monsters are nothing new in the far east, Godzilla is a good example, but what if you woke up from a deep sleep to find that such a monster is real and has been attacking Seoul while you were out for the count? Well, this is exactly what happens to Gloria in Colossal.

#colossal #colossalmovie #monster #remotecontrolledmonster #connected

There is more to this story, as it turns out there is a connection between the girl and the monster, she appears to be able to control the actions of the monster remotely and with such power comes an even greater responsibility. Gloria is getting over her boyfriend and the loss of her job, so she has gone home and yet somehow the destruction and chaos being shown live on the TV news is down to her, if she lifts her arm so does the monster and if she dances the monster will follow suit.

This is a brilliant movie, that takes those classic Japanese monster movies and turns it completely upside down to the point where you have to wonder where it is all going. The movie stars
Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens, Jason Sudeikis, Austin Stowell, and Tim Blake Nelson. You can catch with the story this April when it is released. Suddenly, monster movies are becoming all hip and trendy, with stories like this it is easy to see why.

#colossal #colossalmovie #monster #remotecontrolledmonster #connected

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