Top Tips On Keeping Your Readers Engaged With Your Content

No matter what you may be writing about you must ensure that you are providing your readers with information they can use whether you are talking about one of your products, your experiences, or how to do something. The one thing that most writers often forget is that they may not provide enough to engage their readers.

Let’s say you are explaining your experience when you found a litter of kittens that were only two weeks old and the mother had been hit by a car. In your article, you only state that you cared for the kittens by bottle feeding, taking them to the vet, and finding them homes when they were old enough to be adopted. You go on and explain the plight of kittens and cats in shelters with the hopes that your experience will cause others to get on board and want to do the same.

The Problem

Here is the problem with your article. Raising kittens from the age of two weeks takes a lot more work than just bottle feeding. In your article, you should have explained how to raise the kittens step by step. At this age, the kittens cannot even go to the bathroom by themselves, so if someone tried to do what you did, the kittens would more than likely pass away. Give your readers step by step instructions and if possible provide photos so they can see exactly what you mean. By giving your readers more information they will then be able to actually do something with the information.

Now, what does this mean for your article? By engaging your readers and giving them the information they need on your topic such as how to use a specific product or how to raise kittens or even how to create a blog, they will want to share this information with others. Once they share the article, you will be receiving links back to your article which will give you more clout in the search engines. You want to write content that will attract links and shares on social media.

HighQuality Content

Not only must you be able to engage your readers with information they can use, but you also want high-quality content. Even though using the example above regarding the kittens, if you are not sure of the shots and other examinations the vet did for the kittens, you should do your research so this can also be included in the article. You can easily link to these other resources or to cat rescues that have information about raising kittens. This will make your article even more interesting and will provide more resources for those that are truly interested in saving kittens.

The more knowledgeable the article, the better for your reader. When you provide highquality content on your topic, your visitors will come back often as they are interested in the subject and will want to stay on top of any new information you may have to share. This, of course, will start a chain reaction as they will share your content which will bring in more readers.

When you write your blog posts that are interesting and on topic, you will begin to see more subscribers which of course is what you want. You want readers, so you can share your knowledge on your topic and give others the chance to use your products, services, or learn from your blog. By creating engaging content, you will be able to gain more subscribers and fulfill your dream.