Kaelo the iceless ice bucket!

Kaelo revolutionises the ritual of champagne, fine wine and premium spirits for the 21st Century. Designed and handmade in England, Kaelo fuses British craftsmanship with patented technology to create the perfect serving experience. One single touch of the solid stainless steel bezel activates a Kaelo immediately creating an ice-cold chamber that keeps a bottle perfectly chilled, but also perfectly dry so the bottle does not drip when poured. Adding further to its allure, a subtle halo of light from the Kaelo bathes the bottle in soft illumination.

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Both classic and contemporary interiors are elevated by the Kaelo’s unique and charming design, and by eliminating the need to use ice cubes and buckets, it offers a completely seamless user experience. Unlike a conventional ice bucket, a Kaelo maintains a consistently cold and dry environment and will therefore not over-chill and numb the subtle flavours of fine wines. Nor will they become warm and above the recommended serving temperature.

Kaelo employs a patented Kryolux technology which has been refined over 7 years so that it is powerful enough to work immediately, yet still consumes less power than a 60w light bulb. Handbuilt in Oxford, England, Kaelo is a true ambassador for British engineering. Each component is precision machined from a solid block of raw material to ensure the highest calibre of performance and lustre. Every Kaelo is then independently tested before being personally signed off by its maker.

#kaelo #winecooler #champagnecooler #kryolux #icebucket

“There had to be a better solution for the modern world. Ice buckets are over 200
years old and have common nuisances that everyone has to tolerate. The ice age is finally over.”

Born from an obsession to create an iconic lifestyle masterpiece, Kaelo was developed and refined over several years by Kevin Jabou, Founder and Managing Director, who says of the archaic ritual of serving
expensive wines in buckets;