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25th January 2017

The BeeLine smart navigation compass!

Normally when we think of a compass, we would think of a little analogue device with a needle and a dial to show us in which direction we are heading, but that is so yesterday and today we are not talking a compass, we are talking about a smart compass! This is the BeeLine and it could revolutionise your travels, allowing you to take in the view rather than checking out street names and road signs.

#beeline #smartcompass #beelinecompass #navigation

Sure there are other compasses around, but the BeeLine looks cool, it connects to your smartphone using the app available on Google Play and iTunes, it looks great too. Once charged the device will give you up to thirty hours of use, so you are not going to be left to find your own way when the battery runs down. The display is simple and straight forward, just follow the directions and get where you need to be.

Beeline is a smart compass for your bike. Instead of showing a prescribed route, Beeline strips navigation back to basics by simply showing you the direction to your destination and the distance to go. No rules, no instructions – you’re free to pick your own path.

#beeline #smartcompass #beelinecompass #navigation

The BeeLine comes in three colours, black, red, and blue, it comes with a stainless steel keyring for when it is not being used on a bike. To fix the device to the bike simply bend the strap over the handlebar and secure it to the back of the compass. The BeeLine is available right now for £99 with free delivery. For more details and how to get your own BeeLine smart compass go to the website.

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