Goblin the drone with built in metal detector!

You may have seen those people with metal detectors slowly scanning over freshly ploughed fields or early mornings down at the beach trying to find something of value made from metal. The chances are that they hardly ever find anything of value and it turns out to be just a walk, nothing else. Yet imagine if you were able to combine the workings of a metal detector with a drone, you could cover more ground faster and you have all the fun of flying a cool looking drone too. You may think that there is nothing like that available at the moment and you would be right, but that does not mean that we cannot dream of such things!

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This is the Goblin, it is just an idea at the moment and is currently trying to raise funds through crowdfunding. But imagine the possibilities for such as drone, it is not just lost treasure and loose change either, this drone could be used for detecting landmines and now that takes the Goblin drone to another level. The Goblin drone has the potential for fun and to save lives, there are not many devices around that can boast that, but without backing this drone may not even get off the ground.

How Does it work? Goblin Drone uses a fully automated search patterns, to scan the ground controlled via smartphone.While in search mode, it also avoids any obstacles by continuously measuring distances, thanks to its on-board RF module. Multi-purpose: Relic hunting, Coin-shooting, and Gold Prospecting.

#goblin #drone #goblindrone #metaldetector

They are hoping to launch the Goblin drone by the end of the year with a retail price of around $445, but early backers of the project on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo could grab themselves a real bargain at just $69, but this offer is very limited, the standard offer will be $169, either way there are bargains to be had. As ever, though, do your research before investing in anything, you never know! If you want more details head on over to the Indiegogo site.