Minimind asks kids questions to unlock a tablet!

For a long time, people have been complaining about the amount of time that kids spend on their tablet devices, they assume that they are only using them for games and yet most of the time they are being social and learning new stuff. However, people in the know feel they too much time is spent playing around and something should be done about it. This means added pressure for parents who are already working hard trying to give their kids a decent life, so where do we go from here?

What if there was an app that you could install on the tablet that locked it and the only way that the kids could access it would be when they have answered three questions correctly in a quiz, even then after that they only get thirty minutes access. Is this something that you think could work? Well this is Minimind and it is available right now for Android-powered tablets, simply install and feel safe knowing that in order for the kids to use their tablet they would have had to have completed the quiz first and get three questions right.

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MiniMind is an educating tablet lock app, which gives your child an access to a tablet only after answering short quiz adapted to your kid’s age. This way, it becomes a great motivation to learn! Once your child answers 3 questions correctly – he/she gets 30mins on a tablet. If he/she wants to earn more time, your kid needs to answer more questions. Each correctly answered question gives your child 10 minutes more on a tablet.

The Minimind app if free from Google Play, it teaches kids about planning and rewards so each time that they go on the tablet they will need to exercise their brain a little first, the days of taking things for granted are over for these kids and in the long term they will probably realise that the parents were doing them a favour. For more details on this app and how to use it go to the Minimind website.

#minimind #unlocktablet #androidapp #kidsquiz