When you are not happy with the neighbours house!

Believe it or not, all neighbours do not get on with each other and it is not always down to a clash of personalities either, sometimes it is down to the appearance of the house. Maybe they are untidy or the house is falling down, there are plenty of reasons to dislike it and so what do you do? Would march on around there and risk trouble, go to the local authority and still risk trouble or maybe you would like some other method of getting the message across to them.

This interesting idea is called quite aptly Your House Looks Like S#@T! Basically, this is an idea that allows you to send this postcard to your neighbours totally anonymously, so they will get the message and you do not get any of the trouble back! Naturally, this might not work and could even make things worse, but what are you going to do!

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We all have that one neighbor, you know the one. The one who’s lawn is more dirt than grass. The one who thinks his yard is a storage facility. The one who thinks painting their house a random color is innovative. Yes those are the bastards we are talking about. Well it’s time to let them know how you feel”

So there you have it, the Your House Looks Like S#@T service, that lets your neighbours know how you feel about their house without getting yourself in trouble. If this is the kind of thing that you could use then head on over to the Your House Looks Like S#@T website, fill out the details, pay $3 and sit back know full well that your neighbours will not know who sent this postcard to them, unless you are the only neighbour to then, in which case you had better think about what you are doing!