Selfly the smartphone case that flies!

Most of us love our smartphones, selfies and drones, so when something comes along that combines all of those cool features then we just had to take a look at it. This is the Selfly a case for your smartphone that has a built-in camera and is an autonomous drone too. Naturally, it is not the actual case that flies, it is the built-in drone that does all of the flying and with its built-in camera, it is able to capture some great images.

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When the Selfly is just a case, it is like almost any other smartphone case, but remove the drone and set it free to autonomously hover nearby waiting for instructions from the user. This is what many smartphone users and selfie fans have been waiting for. The drone is able to fly for around five minutes before requiring a charge, yet as a bit of fun, this is an ideal piece of kit just imagine the videos and images that you could get with the help of this Selfly smartphone case.

SELFLY is a new concept that allows anyone to take hands-free photos on the go. Using high end stabilization technology we have successfully developed SELFLY, an autonomous flying camera device, which is actually a 9mm (3/8in) phone case. The best thing about it is that it flies all by itself! Just snap it off your phone and let it take off!

#selfly #drone #cameracase #flyingsmartphonecase

They are hoping to get this smartphone camera case out by the middle of the year with a retail price of around $139, but the good thing about crowdfunding on Kickstarter is that backers of the project are able to get a good deal on the first models off the production line, in this case, just $79 secures a Selfly smartphone camera case. For more details go to the Selfly website where you will find news and details of how to pre-order of one these cool flying cameras.