TwoEyes VR Binocular 360 camera!

When it comes to camera there is a lot to choose from, you have to decide which features and functions you need and then there is the cost to consider too, which is why buying a new camera can be a very difficult decision and will normally end up with you having to make some compromises along the way. This is the TwoEyes camera, it is a VR camera offering 360 degrees and binocular view making it just like your vision. Yet there is more to this camera than first meets the eye, it is ideal for shooting in 3D, making a cool virtual reality video in 3D and everything in between, so there is so much to do with it.

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Meet TwoEyes VR, the first 360° 4K video camera that truly mirrors human eyesight. TwoEyes VR is equipped with two pairs of 180° lenses that are placed 65 mm apart, which is the average distance between people’s eyes. This design, allows you to capture 360° around just like your natural eyes would view the world. Relive special moments with unparalleled realism through 360 social media platforms (Youtube 360, Facebook 360, Twitter 360), VR binoculars or 3D television.

Making a video and producing cool content will never be the same again, with this camera it should be possible to take content producing to another level. The trouble is that the TwoEyes is still in development and we are yet to find out what it is actually like in the real world. The good news is that they are hoping to get this on sale later on this year with the help of some crowdfunding backers on Kickstarter. Anyone backing the project will get the chance to grab one of these for around $219, we assume that this is considerably cheaper than the retail price. If all goes well we should be checking out the TwoEyes VR 360 camera very soon, if you need more details check out the Kickstarter page for news and details on backing the project.

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