All you need to know about AI in 6 Minutes!

There are lots of cool new ideas around and there are probably even more in the pipeline that we do not even know about yet, but if there is one idea that could really change the world for better or for worse, it has to be artificial intelligence or as we like to call it AI! There are so many interesting possibilities for artificial intelligence and yet what do we actually know about this new exciting technology?

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Well, worry not, because thanks to Snips we have this handy guide to artificial intelligence and there is no need to worry either it is only a six-minute guide. This is only an intro to artificial intelligence but it is just enough to give an idea of what artificial intelligence is all about. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to get a good background in artificial intelligence, which is all you need to get by.

AI made incredible progress this year. From the first autonomous Ubers, to the AlphaGo victories — we’ve watched AI move into the spotlight. So, as a gift to our community, we’ve decided to decode some buzzwords, examine some big stats, and surface the trends that you deserve to know about. Need some dinner party conversation ammo?

#AI #artificialintelligence #sixminuteguide #introtoAI

Suddenly the science of artificial intelligence has become very interesting and yet like many other technologies the more that you understand about it, the more you want to find out about it. One day, something will come along that will take artificial intelligence to the next level, whether that is the rise of the machines or the rise of mankind we do not know, but what we do know is that the future with artificial intelligence is going to be something wonderful, exciting and yes maybe a little bit dangerous too, just how we like it.