Robot fools “I am not a Robot” Captcha!

#Robot #IamnotaRobot #Captcha #security

You are probably aware of the captcha functions that ask the user if they are human by making you click on field stating that you are not a robot, well it turns out that once again this has been proved to be one of those lies that the internet has created. So along with “I have read the terms and conditions” the “I am not a robot” captcha could be heading in the same direction.

Obviously, this is a lie, because the robot is saying that it is not a robot, so clearly they have no morals and will do anything to prove that they are human. This experiment by Matt Unsworth has been set up to prove that if you want to fool a function designed to prevent robots, a button that says “I am not a robot” is probably not going to stand up to much pressure.

#Robot #IamnotaRobot #Captcha #security

Written by David Allen

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