Check out the future of wine chillers!

Champagne and some wines are at their best when chilled, but this is not as easy as you might think. The traditional method of chilling a bottle of wine is with an ice bucket, but this not temperature controlled and there is a variation of temperatures due to the ice melting, the temperature of the room and how the wine has been stored before opening. As you can now tell, there is no exact science to chilling a bottle of wine, until now!

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This is the wine chiller reinvented by the UK-based Kaelo, it does not use ice and so the bottle will be dry, it cools the bottle down to the right temperature and keeps it there until the bottle has been finished. It looks stylish too, imagine this built into the counter in your kitchen, the bar in your lounge or just about anywhere you are planning to entertain. This is the kind of thing that you would expect to find in a room at a high-end hotel and why not!

With a conventional ice bucket, the serving temperature is dictated by the bottleā€™s surface contact with the ice; too much and the refined aromas and flavours are numbed, too little and the entire experience is compromised. Kaelo creates a consistently cold and dry environment to maintain a chilled bottle at its perfect serving temperature. Your most exquisite champagnes and wines can finally be appreciated the way they were intended to be.

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If you are looking to impress, then the Kaelo wine chiller is the place to start, it offers a perfectly dry bottle so there are no water drips to worry about. It is simple to use, just add a bottle of wine and control the wine cooler with the touch of your finger. The Kaelo wine chiller is the next generation of wine cooler, so do not expect to find these everywhere, but when you do see one in action it will be one of those moments that stick with you.