The Recorder music magazine focusing on one artist!

You may think that the printed media is dead and buried, yet it seems that there are still people out there who just love to get their hands on something tactile, rather than just looking at it on a tablet or smartphone screen. There was a time when printed magazines focusing on the music industry were so vast that it took ages just to pick one, today they are few and far between. This is where a new magazine called The Recorder is hoping to make an impact.

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The Recorder is going to be different from other magazines, firstly it will start off by being a bi-annual publication and secondly, each edition will be focusing on just a single artist, with the edition will be on David Bowie featuring images, artwork, graphics, and literature. It seems that each edition is going to be perfect for the fan, music lover and of course, the collector, we can see these printed music magazines turning out to be collectors items very quickly.

Recorder is a brand new music print magazine celebrating artists through artwork, illustration and literature. From The Beach Boys to Frank Ocean, ABBA to The XX – it represents the meeting point between music mag and comic book. Every issue will be limited edition, highly collectable and focus on one artist. We are asking for your help to publish Issue 1: David Bowie.

#therecorder #recordermagazine #musicmagazine #comic #davidbowie

This is early days for The Recorder and they need help to get the edition out there, this is where you come in! They have started crowdfunding on Kickstarter and for the backers that means there is a chance to get their hands on one of the early editions for the bargain price of £15! However, for the die hard music fan, there are other offers too, including tote bags, a chance to have your name and fav track in issue one, so there is something for everyone the main thing is getting The Recorder out there in the first place, what do you think?